Drink Recipe


1oz 90proof
3 oz champagne
2 oz orange juice

Shiny Cherry Sour

1oz RBL 90 proof
2oz cherry mixer
1oz amaretto
3oz sour mix
Garnish with cherry
Over ice 8-10oz glass


Berry Shine

1- oz Red Barn Shine 90p
1- oz cherry mixer
1- oz blackberry mixer
1- oz sweet and sour mixer
And a dash of lime


Moonie Mule

1-oz 90p RBLshine
4-oz Ginger Beer
Add a splash of lime juice and hold on.

Moonie Mule

Blackberry Lemon Shine

1- oz RBL 90p Shine
2- oz Blackberry mixer
4-oz Lemonade
Guaranteed to make your Super Bowl party a super Duper bowl party